Sunday, February 20, 2011

Now we hunt?

So lately Nate has been talking about hunting,  getting a gun,  and putting in a tag (or something like that) with some friends.  This is all SO foreign to me.  But... he seems really excited about it and so I want to be excited too.  A few days before Valentines Day, Nate went to look at guns with his buddy Jason.  I asked Jason to make sure that he knew what gun Nate wanted the most but to also make sure that Nate didn't buy it.  Jason did an awesome job, told me what gun it was and where to get it.  So... Nate's Valentines present was this...
A Remington 740!!

He was so excited about it.  He works so hard for our little family and so I wanted to treat him to this.  Something I knew he would never buy for himself. 
So of course, we needed to go try it out before he went hunting with it.  We went to a shooting range WAY OUT WEST but had a blast! The old man there was trying so hard to be patient with us, but obviously we were new at this whole thing.  He cussed out Nate a few times. Gotta love old man talk :)

Target 200 yards out there.

I even took a shot... will probably never do it again though. haha

Not bad for our first time :)
We had a blast starting this new adventure together. I'm pretty sure I'll let just Nate and his boys take it from here though.