Thursday, December 30, 2010

The gift that keeps on giving.

2 weeks ago, our sweet girl went under the knife. Yep, she finally got spayed!!! She can now play with all the dogs she wants and Nate and I won't have to be the paranoid parents that we have been.  Taking her into the vet was surprisingly very hard on me. My dog was getting spayed for heavens sake... not dying! I coulnd't help but get emotional after dropping her off and calling my husband every hour.  Six hours later, I finally got the call that I could go pick her up. It was so sad seeing her come out of anesthesia... but she did great.

She threw up ALOT... hence the bowl at the side of her.
 And she kept shaking and shivering, so Nate covered her with her blanket and gave her a pillow. Spoiled dog!
 Now she is back to her normal self and continues to be the happiest dog in the world. Love you Roxy!