Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lately :)

I've been SO busy lately to even think about updating our blog... but realized how much I love looking at other peoples' blogs. So here it goes, our life lately has consisted of:

*We celebrated my little brother Tanner's birthday. He's 17 years old! So crazy. Happy Birthday Tanner! Love you tonz.

* My dad, Tanner, and Nate went on a last minute trip to California to pick up a new boat. It's so sweet! So we took it out for a spin the day after they got home and had a blast!

It's a tradition that whoever surfs, has to wear the neon orange hat.

* On the 4th of July, Nate and I decided to our own thing this year and just do fireworks ourselves. We brought along Roxy for her first time to see how she'd react to it. This is what happened.

Here she is VERY interested in what is going on.

After the first firework went off, she FREAKED OUT!

Followed by her jumping on my lap for some comfort from the fireworks.

And then... ended up under the car. ha ha poor thing.

*Nate works downtown, so every once in a while when I'm off of work, Roxy and I will meet him for lunch at Memory Grove. Roxy loves to play in the little pond and with all the other dogs. This is her favorite thing to do. It is so fun to watch her.

* Nate has a new hobby that he has become, well, obsessed with. It's fishing! He goes any few second he has. Not gonna lie, I got alittle jealous. So I bought myself a fishing license! ha ha. Next thing I know, Nate bought me a bright pink fishing pole! It's so stinkin cute!

*Last, but not least... I have the most amazing husband in the world! After almost one year and a a half of marriage, we have yet to have cable tv. This has been very hard for me, considering the family of all boys that I come from where the TV is on 24/7. Anyways, we finally ordered DISH. Nate decided to make a fun night out of it. So when I got home, this is what I walked into.

The red carpet with all of my favorite actors/actresses names on stars.

With ours at the end :)

Then with a TV dinner to watch in front of the TV. (This was my very first TV dinner ever... and it was NASTY. But the thought was so cute! )

At th end of the red carpt, there was our table in the middle of the family room with candles. So we sat in front of the TV and ate our TV dinners. It was so cute and thoughtful of him. YAY for TV!!!