Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our HUGE fight!

So the other night, I noticed Nate was in our den reading. I decided to sit at my desk next to him and write Zach on his mission. Before I knew it, this is what happened...

He OBVIOUSLY got me so much worse than I got him, but it was a blast! I'm so grateful I have a husband who is fun and can play around. I love him so much.

A little worn out after the fight! ha ha

Monday, May 24, 2010


Last week, I surprised Nate (well almost a surprise) to a Bahamas Cruise. It was SO much fun! It's always nice to get away from the real world and spend all week together. We get along best when we are on vacation :) So first of all, many of you knew that i planned this all by myself and was going to surprise Nate. Well, I made it 4 months of planning and telling family and friends about this trip without Nate finding out. I was very secret about everything. It was kinda fun. Well, we landed in Florida and Nate still had no idea. I go and talk to our taxi driver while Nate was grabbing our bags and I told the taxi guy where we wanted to go and that it was a surprise. He nodded and seemed like he understood... WRONG! As soon we got into the taxi, he blew it! "You goin on a cruise" he said. I was so upset that I wouldn't even look at Nate. It was kinda funny that he found out that way though. Oh well. The trip turned out perfect and I wouldn't have changed it for anything! Here are some pics of our adventure. Enjoy!

Our room was decorated for our anniversary!

The sweet statue we found :)

Formal night where our server sang "Happy Anniversary" to us. It was so sweet. :) They even gave us a piece of cake to celebrate.

Our ice cream that we ate ALL DAY LONG! So good!

Best night ever!


Gettin our tan on at Coco Cay